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Our ordinary opening hours are mon-fri 07.00-16.00.

During these hours you can reach us on phone: 0512-797070 or by email:

On duty assembler:
Phone 0705-292850 for acute matters outside of ordinary opening hours.

Visiting adress:
Skaragatan 23,
535 30 Kvänum

Kvänumbygdens Energi Ek. För.

Our staff is our asset and our goal is to provide a high level of service.

Kvänumbygdens Energi Ek. För. was founded 1968. It is a co-operative society with the customers as our owners. The society aims to secure the provision of electricity to the Kvänum area.

Kvänumbygdens Energi own and maintains the power distributing grid and is the mother company of Kvänum Energi AB. Within the area there are 476 network stations, with a total of 1200 km high - and low voltage lines. By working locally and building or own facilities we obtain the knowledge and local knowledge needed in order to offer quick and good service, even when the weather and other forces work against us.

Our mission is to give you a secure electric power supply.

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